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Isolation and solitude are words that most visual artists will relate to, they work alone in a studio, a shed or at home so the prospect of enforced isolation may seem like the perfect time to make art.
At the moment things are different though! It's not just isolation or social distancing, the entire fabric of society has been ripped apart before our eyes.

This exhibition shows how artists are reacting to the current social and world climate

How to view the exhibition

If you are using your smartphone to view this then please turn it on its side

The exhibition is divided up into 20 walls, use the buttons at the bottom of each page to move to the next wall or back to go to the previous one
You may find yourself going round the gallery one way or another, so dont worry if the order of the walls change from one visit to another
Click on any of the images to look at a the work more closely and move or swipe to the next image
Once in the slideshow mode there are some icons at the top right hand side of the page
Use this to show the original size (if you have zoomed in)
Use this to zoom in
Use this make the slideshow fill your whole screen
Use this to close the slideshow and return to the wall
Use the arrows (on the side of the page) or swipe to move to the next or previous image
When you get to the end of that wall, it will then move to the next
There will be text at the bottom with the artist's name and a description of the work, clicking on this text or the close icon will hide it

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